EV Chargers and Generac

EV Chargers

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, our team ensures you’re ready for the future. We install electric vehicle chargers at your residential or commercial location, making charging convenient and efficient.


Keep the lights on during power outages with our generator installation services. We assess your needs and recommend the right generator to provide backup power when you need it most.

The leading brand of Residential and Commercial Backup Generators, Generac provides a safe, reliable, and ongoing source of power right when and where you need it.  Whether you’re looking to operate certain appliances, or your entire home or business, during an outage, Generac meets the challenge.  Permanently installed, these systems sense a disruption in power, are up and running within seconds, and never require refueling.  Whether you’re on the premises or away, the backup generator delivers power right to the electrical panel for as long as necessary.  There’s no disruption to your daily life, no safety risks, property damage, or consequences due to a loss of power.  And since outages aren’t restricted to regular business hours, both Generac Customer Support and Mr. Home Services are available to provide 24/7 assistance.

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