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Heating Services Mr. Home Services

We service all of the most common types of home heating systems at Mr. Home Services. Call us whenever you have a problem, need an installation, or want someone to perform maintenance on your system. We’ll be there soon and work quickly so you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible. When you want the best in both customer service and technical skill, rely on Mr. Home Services.


If you have a furnace, we’ll make sure it’s working for you. These are the most common of the heating systems we see in Mr. Home Services but they are by no means the only ones! When you call about furnaces, we’ll send out an HVAC expert soon!

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are less common but still prevalent in Mr. Home Services. We’ll make sure your technician knows that you have a heat pump and has expertise working in that area. Your heat will be back on in no time!

Heating Repair

No matter which of the above heating systems you have, we’ll get your heating system repair completed with a minimum of hassle and fuss. We know that it can be stressful to be without heat or to realize that your system isn’t working well so we aim to get to you ASAP, assess your system’s need accurately, and get you the repair that will get things back to normal fast! Our goal is to perform your heating system repair before you get too cold at home!

Heating Installation

If it’s time for a heating system installation, we can install any type of system you need. We’ll help you evaluate what might be best for you based on the following questions:

  • How large is your home, or what is the square footage that this particular system needs to heat effectively?
  • How often will you use your heater?
  • How warm do you like to keep your home?
  • Have you been satisfied with your current heater?
  • Do you want to save energy?

We’ll recommend heaters, then get your heating system installation completed according to manufacturer specifications after you choose the one you want.

Call Mr. Home Services for your heating needs, no matter which of the above home heating systems in Mr. Home Services you are using. We have experts on staff who specialize in each type so you’ll always have someone you can rely on to get your heat back on. Call to make your heating repair or installation appointment today!

Mr. Home Services Oil To Gas Conversion

Heating your home’s environment becomes more important during the colder months of the year. When temperatures begin to drop and you begin to breathe in the cool air, you prepare and protect yourselves from the oncoming cold climates by keeping you and your home warm.

For most homes, these systems are powered by either gas or oil. Both of these fuels have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages; but if you are the type of homeowner who wants to start living “green,” then consider purchasing gas powered heaters, furnaces, and burners, or convert your oil fueled systems, pronto!

The Benefits of Converting to Gas


Remember those times where your oil fueled burner stopped working because it ran out of oil? Remember the cost of the fuel and having it being delivered? With gas fuels, you need not to worry about constantly refueling your systems. Gas is more combustible than oil, so when it burns, it is much hotter and uses less fuel each time.

Refueling your systems is much simpler compared to oil because, instead of filling up the oil tank that is located within your home, gas is delivered to a storage tank outside your property through a network of underground pipes. This translates to less of a hassle to monitor and refill. Also, since gas fueled systems are locally regulated, payments may be done over a year’s time.

Environmentally Friendly

Gas is a cleaner burning fuel than oil. With that said, you no longer have to worry about cleaning up after each time it is used. With oil, you are familiar with sweeping the inner crevices of your systems to remove a buildup of ash, oil residue, and odors. These substances, however, can significantly affect your health if you are constantly exposed, which may result in respiratory and skin related illnesses.


Gas is an abundant substance and easy to access.


This fuel is known to be versatile and can heat numerous areas, which can include your swimming pool or kitchen, and even has the capability of drying your clothes. Because of this, not only does your home increase its functionality, but it also garners a higher resale value.

Choose Mr. Home Services To Help You Make The Switch!

For many years, we at Mr. Home Services have been servicing the surrounding areas of Monmouth county, New Jersey with pride. Our very skilled and highly trained professionals have installed and created livable environments, especially during the times families need them the most.

At Mr. Home Services, you will get the best services when it comes to converting your fuel from oil to gas; be it your furnace or heater, or even your burner. We know how to do the job safely and correctly because we want you to live in an environment filled with comfort and ease.

Once you call us or send us a message, we will:

  • Perform preliminary equipment design & specifications
  • Estimate
  • Finalize system designs
  • Provide the gas equipment
  • Construct main extensions and service connections (if necessary)
  • Install
  • Inspect

Furnace Services

Whether you need furnace repair, furnace replacement, furnace installation, or a pre-winter furnace service, you’ve come to the right place! At Mr. Home Services, our furnace experts would love to help you out. We live here, too, so we know just how cold it gets in Mr. Home Services. If you’re asking around about, “Who can fix my furnace?” ask no more. Call Mr. Home Services today for fast, friendly furnace service.

Check out the following pages to read more about some of the furnace services we offer!

  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Replacement

Furnace Repair

When your furnace is not working, call us and we’ll send out a furnace repair expert soon. We won’t ask you to wait while you get cold at home and your pipes freeze. Instead, we’ll send someone out to you fast to do your furnace repair in Mr. Home Services so you can get warm again. Stop fretting and worrying and get your furnace repair started instead. Before long, we’ll have the problem solved and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Furnace Replacement

Sometimes, a furnace replacement is better than a furnace repair in Mr. Home Services. If your furnace is not working and we think this is the best solution, we’ll be upfront with you about the reasons why. We’ll let you know if we think it’s in your financial best interests to get a new furnace rather than to fix the old one.

If you choose a new furnace, we’ll help you get the right one for your home and your family. We’ll make sure it is the right size for your home and that it is compatible with your usage patterns. Then we’ll order it, oversee delivery, and make sure it works for you before we go.

Furnace Installation

We can do your furnace installation for you, too. We’ll make sure that everything is done according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This helps ensure that your furnace is installed well and that it should last for a long, long time. We’ll test your new furnace before we go and ask you to test it, too, just to make sure that it’s working according to your standards.

Furnace Tuneup

Call us for a furnace tuneup once a year to make sure that your furnace is in great condition and will continue to work during the long, cold winter. Your pre-winter furnace service includes:

  • A visual inspection of your whole HVAC system
  • Changing your filters
  • Testing each component of your furnace against the manufacturer’s published standards
  • Cleaning out any dust and debris that may have gathered in your furnace

If we find any problems with your furnace, we’ll make a plan with you to get them fixed before it gets cold outside. That way, you’ll be sure your furnace will work throughout the winter.

Call us at Mr. Home Services for all of your furnace needs. We’ll make sure they are met and your expectations exceeded. We want you to stay warm this winter and to be worry-free when it comes to your furnace. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our furnace experts soon.

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